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It’s just how people on here are so hurt if someone posts negative opinion about something they like they feel the need to retort with mockery and sometimes even profanity or direct insults. Even when I do make a ‘negative’ post it’s not hate, it’s just dislike or in that Janet coming back to Marvel(And I STILL stand by that. Her return was only for the Ant Man movie and Avengers 2) case not even that. Me nor anyone else who feel different how you feel about a character are insulting you(or probably not even the character) they’re just broadcasting how they feel this isn’t that or that isn’t this. Yet people on here feel the need to claim it’s hate then gang up on that person that like a bunch of kids in a school yard. I’m sorry everyone doesn’t look at the world as rainbow and starbursts. I’m sorry everyone doesn’t feel gung ho about something you like. But if I have an opinion whether it be good or bad, I’m going to post it and I’m going to tag it to either; A) See if someone agrees with me, or B) Someone to argue my point and convince me otherwise. I assume we’re all capable of this aren’t we? Maybe I should just leave my comic book talk to the Comicvine folk, because that seems to be the only place I can express and have my negative views challenged in a proper manner. 


posted 1 year ago @ 24 Feb 2013
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